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Lace cutters: Alpha Lace cutters can identify the designs on the lace and cut the required shape accurately at the exact location, using laser technology. This makes every piece identical in size and also matches with lace designs.

Have special feeding system to feed stretchy laces. 

Can be used directly on production lines in garment factories.

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Cutting plotters: Alpha offers high quality, precise digital cutters.  A multifunctional cutting head meets all cutting needs required of a cutting plotter. Its' heavyduty construction provides trouble-free operation. Applications are versatile: composites, gaskets, conveyor belts, insulation sheets, packaging & preprinted materials, leather, textile, membrane switches etc.  Multiple tool head options increase production. A Projection system and Nesting software automates and increases performance.

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CNC Routers: Alpha routers come in various sizes and specifications to meet customer's requirement including Desktop cnc. They are suitable for applications such as sign, advertising, wood working, arts & crafts, metal working, hobby cnc, guitar cnc, wood router, glass and 3D marble engraving.

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Laser cutters & engravers: Alpha offers FIBER as well as CO2 lasers. We have a wide range of sizes from 400mm x 600mm upto 2500mm x 3000mm.  Applications include metal sheet & pipe cutting, die-board template cutting, acrylic, wood, veneer, MDF cutting, engraving marbles, tombstones, fabric, jeans, embroidery cutting and many more.

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