3D CNC Routers

DXB Routers   milling machine

 router shop,engraver,engraving machine DXB series cnc Routers have all the capabilities of bigger machines. Comes in various sizes. Very attractive price. Ideal for sign and advertising shops where space is limited. Cutting and engraving acrylic, plastic, diy cnc, hobby cnc, router shop  Read more...>>>

Orthotic Routers  woodworking


Orthotic routers are specially designed to mill Polypropylene (PP) material for orthotics as well as EVA foam.  Vacuum system holds down the EVA foam and a special jig used to fix the PP material.. Read more...>>>

DX Routers  table router

 milling machine, cnc machine, cnc router  

DX series is known for its heavy duty construction.  Full steel structure for stable & fast operation.  Comes with 7HP HSD, Italian spindle as standard.  Top of the line product. Suitable for wood working, acrylic and metal working 

Auto Tool Changer (with Servo motor) models are available in DX series.  Read more...>>>

Special Routers ( Custom built) router systems, engraver

 door router, cabinet router, hobby cnc Alpha builds special routers with multiple spindles and multiple rotary device to meet customers' needs.  Also offers special routers for marble and glass 3D engraving.  Read more...>>>
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3D on Wood

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Acrylic Cutting

Auto Tool Changer

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